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Yvonne really helped me with some practical advice on how to approach my career. I was at a bit of a crossroads and through her advice and tools, I managed to identify and successfully secure my next role along with a better view of my career going forwards

Kerry D’souza

I contacted Yvonne a couple of months ago as I really needed some career guidance to make the most of my existing role and to consider other possible opportunities in the light of the ongoing uncertainty around local government engineering roles. Yvonne and I discussed what I really wanted from my career and this has given me so much more confidence in my achievements and abilities which has enhanced my current role. She helped redraft my supporting statement and gave pointers for my CV, she has educated me on what opportunities are on offer. Not only is she outstanding good at getting to the heart of issues she is clearly extremely skilled at her job. I would highly recommend Yvonne weather you are looking for a new role or want to enhance your currently one. Worth every penny

Jo Hollier

I have recently completed a course of coaching with Yvonne. She supported me at a pivotal period in my career as I navigated through my current situation to work towards my next purposeful career choices. Like many women I know, I have a number of interests, passions, and enjoyable works experiences that I want to incorporate into my next ideal role. Working with Yvonne has given me the opportunity to deeply review and understand my key drivers, prioritise and then start to develop those into a career portfolio. This is a new chapter for me, and I am moving into it in a more focused and directional way. If you are thinking of a change in career and need help and support to your final destination, I would recommend Yvonne as part of your exit strategy.

Sandra Gordon

Yvonne offered me sound, professional career guidance on what steps to take in my career change journey. She actively listened to my story so she could point me in the right direction taking into account my previous experience. It is well worth booking a session with her if you are thinking of a career change!

Oge Zogie-Odigie

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